Paper toys with a bite.

Chomps are a desktop toy made from folded paper and a little glue.

Example  chomp
  • 2 Pieces of Cardstock
  • Scissors or Exacto Blade
  • Pen Cap
  • Rubber Cement
Download Chomp Pattern

Step 1
Download the PDF

This contains an overview page, the top of the Chomp, and the bottom of the Chomp. Download it here

Print out pages

Print the top and bottom onto cardstock. The thicker paper helps with the durability of the toy.

Step 2
Cut out the Chomps

Carefully cut around the outside of the Chomp pattern. It's easier with an Exacto, but scissors work. Be patient!

Scour all dashed lines

Gently score along the dashed lines with pen cap. This helps to create crisper folds. You should now be able to fold these easily.

Step 3
Glue tab A to side A

Put glue on Tab A. Glue side A to Tab A. Hold until bond has formed, about 30 seconds.

Repeat Steps for B-F

Repeat glue for tabs B, C, D, E, and F. Don’t do G and H yet!

Step 4
Assemble pieces

Take the finished head and slide it into the unglued side of the bottom. Be sure the colors of the teeth match up.

Glue tabs G and H

Repeat Step 3 on tabs G and H. This is the trickiest part, as there is little room between the top and the sides.

Step 5
Let it dry

Rubber cement is pretty hardy, but give it 5 minutes to set. Make sure the top part of the Chomp is touching the sides of the bottom.


That's it! Feel free to move you Chomp around. They are great on your desk, especially since they're the perfect size to fit a business card!

Chomps are a side project of Kristin Lasita.

Please share your Chomps with me on Twitter!